Air Show Announcer Matt Jolley Raises Industry Standard For 2015

Posted on Nov 6, 2014

Air Show Announcer Matt Jolley Raises Industry Standard For 2015

MATTJOLLEY.COM – In the early days of aerial entertainment, air show announcers were little more than carnival barkers yelling through mega-phones.  Today, Matt Jolley pulls ahead of his competition with several major industry advancements.  Matt Jolley, is the only International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) member with an all-weather mobile studio.  Matt utilizes his commercial broadcast experience and provides fully produced sponsor commercials and post show confirmations (actual times the commercials played) to give to your sponsors.

Additionally, Matt programs your air show with a custom soundtrack that naturally flows between acts.  Why is this important?  The air show announcer is the only performer your audience needs to tolerate the entire day.  If the announcer talks too much, talks at the wrong times, plays music that doesn’t flow, your audience tunes out.  As a result your sponsor commercials are not heard and your sponsor’s valuable advertising dollars will not prove successful.  Matt has raised the industry standard by employing commercial broadcast standards to avoid this risk.

By doing his homework and preparing your shows “sound” ahead of time, your audience is treated to a professional, top quality performance.

Matt Jolley’s 2015 Industry Leading Capabilities:

  • Fully produced sponsor commercials and post show ad confirmations
  • All-weather mobile studio (capable of broadcasting your show & sponsor commercials world-wide)
  • Customized music & professional air-to-ground performer communications on state-of-the-art audio equipment

Quick Bio:

  • Current host of Warbird Radio LIVE!  – top military aviation radio broadcast the world over
  • Former television news anchor with decades of professional broadcast and entertainment experience